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When one who is up very late and is extremely bored, but does not want to go to sleep, decides to add words to Urban Dictionary.
"Dude, I was up at 4:26 AM and I was so bored so I pulled an Urban Night."
"What did you do?"
"Well, can you believe that 'Urban Night' wasn't on there yet?! Don't worry, I added it."
by slaytheday December 13, 2009
When you are extremely bored in class, a very entertaining activity is to pour a nice sized glob of glue (preferably Elmers white glue) onto your hands. Then when you rub your hands together, the glue will become solid and is then fun to peel off.

This activity can be an entertaining activity to be used anywhere from a fifteen minute public speaker, to a two hour lecture.

It is not harmful to your health in anyway.

Gorilla glue and other extremely adhesive glues have not yet been tested, so please use caution when experimenting.
"Dude, how did you manage to stay awake? That guy was so boring!"

"I was glue peeling the entire time!"
by slaytheday December 12, 2009
Yes, believe it or not, a rating system for gnarliness does exist!

The gnar factor measures how gnarly a certain activity is.
It can range from being low and lame, to high and extremely cool!

Note: The gnar factor does not neccesarily involve numbers and/or specific levels. It should be used to the best judgement of the person using it.
"How was the new half pipe in the new terrain park on the mountain?"
"Dude, the gnar factor was out of this world! It was intense!"
by slaytheday December 13, 2009
The reflection off of the snow on the ground. In this case, the light source must be a dim light such as a stop light.
When I look out my window at night while its snowing, I get a snowflection from the stop light on the corner. Its pretty sweet!
by slaytheday December 13, 2009
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