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A leftist Marxist ideology designed to wipe out the Caucasian race. Multi-culturalists have no problem with Nigeria being solidly black, Mexico being solidly Hispanic, Saudi Arabia being solidly Arabic, or China being solidly East Asian. But they believe that all predominantly Caucasian countries such as Europe, Russia, America, Canada, & Australia need to be as racially diverse as possible until Caucasian people are a discriminated minority.

I live in Texas & being American I cannot complain about multi-culturalism here destroying our culture without some troll telling me that multi-culturalism created our society, that Islamists & Mexican drug dealers are more American than me, & that me & all the white people should move back to Europe & give our houses & buildings to the few Native Americans left.
European immigration created our country, not multi-culturalism!
*A European family drives through the state of Texas*

Kid-"Mom are we in Africa or Mexico? I thought Texas was a white patriotic redneck state."

*A Texan visits Europe to get away from the multi-culturalism of Texas & visit their Caucasian homeland*

Texan-"Wait I thought I was visiting Europe so I can be with my own people. Back in Texas I have people telling me all the time to move back to Europe & give my house to a Native American. Well Im back where I came from, now where are my people? All I see is a bunch of Islamists, blacks, Indians, & Asians."
by SlashinatorX October 28, 2011
The fear or hatred towards people with autism, a mental disorder that causes one to process information differently than normal people.

For some reason society hates homophobia but is tolerant of autistophobia.

Just like racism, sexism, ageism, & homophobia, autistophobia is just as ignorant & narrow minded.

We autistic people can't help it that we're autistic. We have feelings too, can think too, & actually tend to be alot more logical than neurotypicals.
People associated with the military are autistophobic.

Fuck autistophobia!

The work place is a hotspot for autistophobia. Bosses & employers are very discriminating against people with autistic symptoms.

Pretty girls also tend to be autistophobic (except the really nice ones & the autistic ones).
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
When a guy chases girls alot, likes alot of girls, hits on alot of girls, or is obsessed with pretty girls. I myself am the most girl crazy guy I know.

Guys from 13-18 years of age tend to be the most girl crazy. Girl crazy guys are also the least picky when it comes to dating. A guy that is truely girl crazy would date any girl that isn't a ugly or bitchy.

Guys that are truely girl crazy have a long list of girls they like & like every pretty girl they see.

A guy that is girl crazy is also a strong heterosexual.

Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with being girl crazy.
I like almost every girl I know. I am so girl crazy.

That guy hugs every decent looking girl he can. He is girl crazy.
by SlashinatorX July 16, 2011
A small actress/model who mostly plays small roles in TV shows. One of her most famous roles was on iCarly when she played the incredibly hot & stupid intern.

She is extremely gorgeous & is on par with Ariana Grande the prettiest girl in the world.

But unlike Ariana Grande, Teresa can appeal to all ages & races of men so in that way she might be the one to hold the rightful title of prettiest girl in the world.

It is also unknown what ethnicity she is.

She is also a under-rated actress who needs to be reconized by her outstanding beauty.
Teresa Castillo & Ariana Grande are the prettiest girls in the world.

I would kill to get a hug from Teresa Castillo.

Teresa Castillo is a goddess.
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
The civil war in Libya that took place in 2011 when the protesters demanding the resignation of the evil dictator Mommar Ghadafi & defected Libyan soldiers fought back against Ghadafi's forces that cracked down on everybody who opposed Ghadafi. Ghadafi's forces consisted of the majority of the Libyan military & several thousand foreign mercenaries filling in for the defected soldiers. The rebels consist of protesters demanding his power be removed & defected Libyan soldiers. The rebels held the eastern half of Libya & Ghadafi kept the western half of Libya.
Ghadafi's forces were far superior to the rebels & would have exterminated the rebels within a couple months if it hadn't been for the French, British, & American forces enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya. The NATO intervention consisted of British & Franch naval & air forces bombarding Ghadafi's military buildings & arsenals & American naval & air forces protecting the eastern half of Libya by bombing the Ghadafi forces over there.

Most Americans opposed the intervention in Libya because they are Ghadafi supporters who would much rather have Ghadafi stay in power than spend extra tax dollars stopping that megalomaniac.
This is gonna be like the Libyan civil war.
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
The highest level of racism. The complete hate towards a race or all races different than oneself.
Wanting genocide.
Adolf Hitler, the Ku Kux Klan, & the song Savages from Pocahontas are good examples of level 5 racism.

That's not just racism, that's level 5 racism.

What level racist is he? level 1 or level 5?
by SlashinatorX June 29, 2011
rogressive grammar consists of the following:
Using Tahoma, Century Gothic, or Arial as your font instead of Times New Roman.
Using the ampersand '&' instead of typing the word 'and'.
Using numbers as numbers & not spelling them out as words, ex. instead of typing the word 'three' you type the character '3'.
Using the percent symbol '%' instead of typing out the word 'percent'.

This type of grammar fits pretty much every definition of progressive. It saves time & resources & it's easier to read than traditional grammar.

But society is against progressive grammar because it's considered to be incorrect & most people grew up being forced to use traditional grammar. College professors are the strongest opponents of progressive grammar. They would much rather have a stupid asshole in their class that uses traditional grammar than a genius that is progressive with their grammar.
Progressive grammar saves time & money.

Why cant society start using progressive grammar?
That would make everything shorter & nicer looking.
by SlashinatorX October 26, 2011
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