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This man has several dead bodies in his basement in his freezer. They aren't human bodies though, but rather T-Bone Steaks. MTR stopped over wanting a steak taco, but RabidWookie wouldn't share.

RabidWookie is like that though, he saw Wedge wedged into the corner of his car and he didn't do anything about it.
RabidWookie is a god to some men. These men however do not exist. Go eat a steak RabidWookie...
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong October 19, 2005
The don himself. This guy runs the place, Dan the Man used to be his sex slave, but quit to work for SideburnZ. Overall Wedge can be summed up in six and a half words.

He is really great at doing Sta.... (I did say a half didn't I)
Wedge got wedged into the corner of his car again. Someone get this man the jaws of life.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
A regular genious. This guy is right on the level of Alphabean as far as English goes. He however has one flaw, and that flaw is that he and El Capitano Gatisto like to wear giant boots. ECG lives in a boot however, and JTTS just wears them.
You really are growing out your stash well this year aren't you Jobber to the Stars.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
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