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Term of endearment. Literally means "my little chicken." Generally used by a girl when addressing her boyfriend in public.
An American in Paris:

Girl: "Oh! It's my little wittle chicken chickchickee. I wub you! Yes I do! Isn't he so cute? (to the waiter) Un coq au vin pour mon petit poulet, s'il vous plait!"

Boy: M--. *sigh* (smokes cigarette and drinks coffee)

by slappinflappin October 10, 2010
an extra, secret appendage whose properties of length, hardness, and thickness depend on one's ability to cook.
"Josh, I love your food. Your kitchen dick is basically huge. It's so hard it knocks the pots right off the stove like a baseball bat, and it's so long sometimes I find it poking around in my soup."
by slappinflappin October 10, 2010
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