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when a situation calls for a response where a more pronounced explative does not quite apply. or when a situation is noticed where simply saying shit is not enough and requires special recognition.
shelly: dan quit saying fuck so much!
dan: why the fuck not shelly?

jamie: help, i can't seem to find my vibrator.
dan: i think shelly must have broken it or ran down the batteries again.
by slapnuts208 August 09, 2009
a person of such low substance and intellect that the word cunt or any combination of using the word cunt does not qualify.
i was going to marry that shitty little cunt until she ran off and fucked one of my best friends right before moving in with him.
by slapnuts208 August 09, 2009
when you have to sneeze in a meeting or workplace and you hold the sneeze internally.
dude did you just sneeze? you held that in good, that was a good sneeze arrest.
by slapnuts208 January 25, 2010

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