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Rap is the latest musical craze that exhibits the deterioration of musical talent. Rappers do not need musical talent as there are no instruments being played and there is no vocal range. Rather, they need to put words against a simple, repetitive beat. The words are described by rap fans as poetic and meaningful. When simply writing melodic songs gets to be too complicated (and, remember, that's all they have to do), they have to resort to making up words to keep the flow. They also typically resort to the tried-but-unfortunately-true formula of drugs, sex, and casual crime. Granted, there are rappers out there like 2-Pac and Run-DMC that wrote high-quality songs but, in light of the Age of MTV, such talent in the genre exists only underground. Rap is typically angry and can be considered "the black man's metal." We all know that metal also sounds like tripe noise with no melody but has its genius exceptions like Nine Inch Nails and Black Sabbath. In the end, the reason many of us don't like rap is that it has such a simple musical structure that anyone can really pull off. All of the rappers you see on TV these days don't have the talent or abilities that the past legends like the Beatles or Stones had. They just need to write down some sort of song, find cheap ways to make it sound melodic, and put it against a repetitive beat. As if anyone needs more reason to dislike rap (remember, though I do not like it, I accept underground rap as having some talent), the greatest solo artist in music, Bob Dylan, hates rap. Does that say enough?
Despite the fact that some artists had talent (like 2-Pac and Run-DMC), rap has become a simply, corporate musical form that appeals mostly to teenagers because adults know how bad it really is.
by slacker2788 March 15, 2006

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