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2 definitions by skwerlgirl

the two-day time period formerly known as 'weekend' and traditionally occurring on Saturday and Sunday in Western cultures, during which many businesses are closed and people do not work, instead engaging in rest and relaxation. 'Weekwend' is a better term for this period because of it's recognition of the turning point offered by this free time, which is not only the 'end' of the previous week, but also the beginning of a new week and, for that matter, untold new adventures. That little 'w' recognizes the transitional nature of this cherished time of the week.
This weekwend I plan to just decompress after a rough week at work, probably catch up on some reading and see a movie with the boyfriend.
by skwerlgirl May 09, 2009
sister-in-law; this is a way to refer to your SIL without having to call her 'sister'.

While in written communications one can use 'SIL', in spoken communication using the term 'silster' is both more descriptive and specific than saying 'sister-in-law'. And it's more concise as well, offering a savings of 50% (two syllables instead of four for 'sister-in-law'!

'Silster' is a useful term for those having trouble accepting the wife of their brother or the female sibling of their husband. It has a certain mouth-feel which reveals this reluctance and difficulty.
Somehow I survived a long weekend with my silster at the parents' place.
by skwerlgirl August 20, 2009