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1 definition by skinless

<!---Note, there is no "real" definition for metalheads, This is just a general statement.---!>

Alright, metal heads are people who are strongly devoted to listening metal music. They also highly respect other forms of music, except for punk and poser metal(Skipknot, koRn, Nine Inch Nails). They are also open-minded to other genres as long as they see the art in it. The typical genres are death, black, thrash, power, gore, etc...
Tends to be a "Whatever, i don't give a shit to what u think. I'm just comfortable in this." sort of attitude towards clothes.
Band Tee-shirt- a must have, don't have one? you're not metal. Generally is black with the band's logo/name on it
Jeans- normal, typical. ARE NEVER WORN TIGHT, UNLIKE EMO KIDS. Usually accompanied by a black, leather belt.
Hair- Can be of all lenghts. Tends to be longer(shoulder lenght) for death/black metal kids. Hardcore(Hxc) kids usualy prefer shorter hair(shaved, or close to it)
Many metalheads' clothes band tees/hoodies, and tend to be black.
This is sort of stereotypical, but metalheads are usually atheists, reflecting their music's message. Others can be agnostic. However, many are anti-christian, especially black metal listeners...lol.
Metalheads tend to be aggressive when angry and can be good fighters.
Most hate posers, people who listen to Slipknot,KoRn, and other NuMetal bands who call themselves metal.
A metalhead can kick your ass!


Kid: Hey, who're u listening to?
Metal-kid: Cannibal Corpse.
Kid: Oh cool, can i listen?
-the following lines can either be:
A)Metal-kid: umm sure,
Kid- uh what're they saying..u call this music?
Metal-head: Fuck off pussy, you think Greenday is better.
Next the metalkid beats up the other one.
B) Metal-kid: No, fuck off u faggot.
Kid: Please don't kill me!
by skinless October 27, 2006