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When a guy covers his erect penis in apple sauce and feeds it to a horse with no teeth.
Despite the efforts of his friends trying to make him stay, Steven went off the get another barn job.
by skine November 14, 2004
1. (name) A contestant on jeopardy who won 74 games in a row.

2. (adj.) Anything really smart

3. (adj.) Used to describe something or someone who has many sucsesses in a row

4. (verb) The act of forcefully inserting pinecones into someone else's anus.
1. Did you seen Ken Jennings on TV last night?

2. That is one Ken Jennings little boy if I've ever seen one.

3. That soccer team is hella Ken Jennings!

4. Bring your daughter over after the ballet and we can all Ken Jennings.
by skine November 14, 2004
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