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a fight when throwing or slapping one and other with the male seminal fluid involving 2 or more men.
Male1: So at work today i had to do alot of filing for the boss.

Male2: that sounds boring what i di

Male3: (interupting) JIZZ FIGHT!

ALL: YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!
by skimmboarder July 15, 2008
When one ejaculates into a cup or jar. After which the male or female consumes the seminal fluid or Jizz.
Dude, i was making jizzy juice for my woman and she got AIDS lulz! then she gave me assmilkyballs.
by skimmboarder July 15, 2008
the description of something so fantastical that one screeches like an emu.
Paul: I raped your mom last night.

Gage: That's emutastic!

Paul: That's what she said!
by skimmboarder July 10, 2008

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