22 definitions by skiP

The english spoken by rednecks in alabama
I cant understand that hick's abalamaese
by skip February 24, 2005
messy pants
You have pampy poots.

You have pamp in your poots.
by skip February 03, 2004
messed up
My hair is all flangled
by skip January 05, 2004
The act of being hit by an OompaLoompa.
*Hits you with an OompaLoompa*
by Skip January 11, 2004
Verb: The act of drinking ridiculous amounts of liquor and yelling profanities at in-animate objects.
Dude, I got so cusiced last night, I'm lucky I didn't get rolled by the cops.
by Skip December 15, 2003
someone who thinks their mad and brags about crazy stuff they've done or going to do.
i,m going to rip this poster off the wall and half an hour later after ripping off the poster they stick it back up
by skip February 19, 2004
some people are stupid....
"arse" is the Australian way of saying "ass"
ill kick your arse
basically the same as "ass"
by skip June 18, 2004

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