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Also known as the asian glow, this is a slightly embarassing condition in which the flow of blood to one's face increases after the imbuement of a relatively small amount of alcohol, resulting in rosy cheeks - it may look as though one has just come in from the cold.

Asian flush results from the fact that the rate of metabolism of alcohol in one's asian digestive system is unfortunately much lower than the alcohol intake rate - even when one is drinking alcohol at a reasonable rate.

As a result, many asians have very low alcohol tolerance. However, asian/european half-breeds (sometimes referred to as eurasian, mixers and halfies) are sometimes lucky enough to have a genetic cure for this condition.
"Man, look at Stu. Two beers and he's already championing the asian flush."

"Good thing I'm eurasian ... my Irish blood is neutralizing the asian flush."
by skells January 18, 2005
1. Guelph. Everyone's favourite southern Ontario, farm-town-turning-city. Proud home of the "Aggies" (students at the University of Guelph's founding agricultural college).

The term "G-Spot" is an affectionate yet belittling term used mainly by U of G students from Toronto (read: T-Dot) who feel that Guelph is too small and un-urban, and who thusly feel the need to impose their "big city styles" on a farming town that somehow has a decent university. They begin by cutting the town's name down to it's first letter, "G", and adding the ever cool "-Spot" to the name.

This is a reference to an area on the inside of the vagina which is the equivalent of a female sexual sweet spot. As a site of high nerve concentration, stimulating the g-spot during intercourse is said to induce great pleasure. Likewise, Guelph can be a great source of pleasure for those who don't mind the smell of manure on-campus.
"Aggie bastards ... Piled out of their pick-up truck and swarmed me while I was coming back from the G-spot LCBO. Fuckers took my beer."
by skells January 18, 2005

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