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Historically black fraternity founded on the kampus of Howard University in 1911. Fraternity of low grade having guys who are humiliated during their pledge process and who come to embrass all the nasty and unsanitary practices of life. None to have sex with anything with legs.
Did you see that que leave the bathroom without washing his hands. He's a nasty nasty que. Omega Psi Phi
by skee-yo April 18, 2006
The "first" black sorority founded in 1908 on the campus of Howard University. The sorority is charicterized by wanna-bees and females with low self esteem before they pledge and later take on an alternate fake identity where they "appear" to be pretty and full of self-esteem and are not. There Mascot is the mirror. No community service done, only having sleep overs with Kappas.
The girl was wack and a loser and ugly before she pledged AKA, and now she thinks she's all that. Alpha Kappa Alpha.
by skee-yo April 18, 2006
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