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Ant Banks is one of the great Bay Area Producer/Rappers. He released several great albums in the 1990's and has made music with many of the Bay's greatest including, Too Short, Spice one, Ant Diddley, etc.
Ant Banks is one of the greatest Bay Area Rap Producers ever. Those who don't know of Ant Banks don't know Bay Area Rap.
#the big badass #biggedy biggedy bankster #too short #the dangerous crew #oakland
by skatz442 July 12, 2008
A spiglet is a small child of questionable decent but is obviously part hispanic and/or black. Usually from a white mother who does not know the father due to the fact that she got bumped at the club and either does not remember the father and/or will never admit who he is.
Mark: Awwwww, look at the little spiglet, he's so cute. MarkII: Ya, everyone thinks it is Jamal's but I think it's Geraldo's.
#niglet #spic #nig #coon #welfare baby
by skatz442 July 13, 2008
Shemp pretty much means that something is less than expected or skimped. Anytime you get less than what you expect it is considered shemp. This term was used in the Lake Tahoe/ Northern California area in the Mary Jane subcultures.
Dude WTF, that sack dimeboy hooked up the other night was shemp as fuck. Kick down!
#pinner #skimp #shimp #short #pinched
by skatz442 February 04, 2009
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