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Someone who abuses urbandictionary.com to exploit their fascist views on politics, religion, groups of people, leaders, and many other elements of our society.

Note: Most of the urbusers consist of the Conservative party battling against the Liberal party.

(And the sad part is....this example below is basically every new, varying definition of each other's prefered political party.)
C: "Hey! George W. Bush is a terrific man, and a great leader of our country. This nation needs some God damn conformity and people need to learn how to act properly and morally! So, shut up, you stupid hippie!"

L: "Uhh....no, he's a hypocritical, moronic, yolk-for-brains man, who's trying to make America a more biased place because it's the way his drunk-ass grew up. So, remove that stick out of your ass, you snob, and realize YOU'RE the jack-ass!"

(Urbusers are clogging the website with far too many perspectives that are all redundant in the long run.
Most of the time, although--the liberals make the better points. More power to them!)
by skamocker086 April 17, 2004
When a guy pulls-out of a girl or another guy (just as he's about to splooge), cums onto their bush, then proceeds to rub it in their pubes and shampoo their crotch.
"Fuck, *moans*, it's time for fertilization, baby!"
"Oooh, sweet leapin' Jesus! My bush is gonna be larger than a weeping willow!"
by skamocker086 April 17, 2004
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