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Personal or situational negative quality in which something or someone gives off the feeling of falsehood.
"Even from first glance, the politician had the clang of the rusty bell about him."

"So - my new boyfriend - do you like him?"
"Errr...how can I say this without hurting your feelings? No."
"What!? Why not?"
"I dunno... he's just... there's the clang of the rusty bell about him."

"Even as the clang of the rusty bell reverberated in his ears, Arnold managed to convince the policeman that he had been nowhere near the scene of the incident at the time."
by skairkroh October 16, 2011
a microchip implanted into unsuspecting members of the population during routine surgery that forces them to hold certain political beliefs and subsequently vote at political elections in a particular way.
"Did you hear about Bob? Yeah, he got politichipped. Goes around spouting all sorts of Conservative nonsense now."

"No! I'm not going to hospital! They'll politichip me!"
by skairkroh October 16, 2011
To break or to be broken down into tiny identical (common) parts. Similar to obliterate, annihilate, etc.
"With a carefully calculated swing of the axe, he esmitherated the beautiful glass vase."

"It is possible to observe the previously esmitherated particles under a microscope."

"Can I esmitherate that, please?"

"Was that achieved by a process of esmitheration?"

"He felt utterly esmitherated."
by skairkroh October 16, 2011

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