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3 definitions by siymon

Humorous description of a third world country, usually in Africa.
As in Alan Clark's suggestion that immigrants ought to be sent back to "Bongo-Bongo Land"
by siymon July 21, 2006
48 10
The pub. Derived from boozer and boudoir.

Used when you are trying to make your grubby local sound more appealing.


Wwhen being sarcastic about the awful haunt you have to drink in, and trying to convince yourself you actually want to spend the entire Friday night there.
"Come on Jimmy, we'll only have a couple of pints down the boozeoir, and then we'll go somewhere else"


"Ere look yah, my boozeoir is well sofisticated innit, the landlord unblocks the urinals quite regularly."
by siymon July 21, 2006
3 3
A skinny girl like to hear music ,horny like to suck dick,like people with afro's like Biruk,pussy with jungle hair
Saron with deep pussy
by Siymon October 20, 2013
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