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Australian Expression meaning - "happy" or "Satisfied"
From the 1950s Tv Commercial "Jingle"...For the black Sandwich spread, Vegemite!
You look like a happy little vegemite today
by sixty4 April 16, 2005
what Mr John Lennon Beatles wanted to give a chance to........."all we are saying is give peace a chance......"
This was recorded May 31, 1969 at a "Bed-In" Lennon staged in room 1472 of Queen Elizabeth's Hotel in Montreal. John and Yoko stayed in bed for 8 days, beginning on May 26, in an effort to promote world peace.
by sixty4 September 11, 2005
A person with (very) limited IQ.. A simpleton. Someone whom is stupid. A Vegatative state - From the true meaning of the word - Vegtable.
He/She's a "real" Cabbage (pionting or gesturing.
by sixty4 March 24, 2005
Someone who is happy - usually a child - or infant - but commonly used to describe a person who has taken/smoked or injested a large amount of pot

from a 1950's TV commercial Australian spreadable savory delicacy - black and thick in consistency.
smiling - pointing out someone is happy
by sixty4 March 24, 2005
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