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A cute name for Penis, dick, cock, P33N, meat puppet, etc. coined many years ago by Sixburghbbb. Can often be heard on Stickam.com when "Six" is talking to a cute young man.
Show me your chim chim and I will give you a quarter. :)
by Sixburghbbb May 19, 2010
A cute alliterative name for the butthole. The first part "poop pushing" coming from what the anus was made to do, the second part, "penis pleasing", coming from what we sometimes make it do. Hey.. don't knock it till you've tried it!
I fell asleep in the Chim Chim Chatroom and when I woke up my Poop Pushing Penis Pleasing Portal was sore, and I smelled of baby oil.
by sixburghbbb July 11, 2010
Another name for the bresticular area of females. Derived from the desirable act of placing ones cock (or Chim Chim) on the aforesaid breast region of the female. The supple squishy material takes the form of pillows, sometimes wet sticky pillows, but pillows none the less.
Billy: If you show me Northern Cock Pillows I will show you and Sixburghbbb Chim Chim.
by sixburghbbb July 06, 2010
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