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to do a brad refers to the act of dropping a new gadget when its sitll new.
kevin: dude! check out my new P1i man!
brad: pass it over bro.
kevin: here u go..

*brad drops the phone and puts a scratch on it*

kevin: DUDE.....

*awkward silence*

sitruc: he just HAD to do a brad...
by sitruc265 December 26, 2007

To Hardoga means to enjoy urself. It originates from the japanese celebrity Hard Gay, who seems to enjoy himself whilst performing public stunts. He pronounces his name as "HARD-O-GAY", and since this takes up 8 characters, it cannot fit into an msn emoticon, so the word hardoga is used instead.
natsirt: i'm bored sitruc!
sitruc: alright then, lets hardoga in freezer
natsirt: lets!
by sitruc265 December 26, 2007

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