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Some of the meanest, most untolerant, closed minded, people in all of europe. I should know as I live there, so all of yuo who define germany as "omg!! iTs LiKe so KeWl, and TheIr Not NaZis" should get a fucking clue, as german has a huge facist population and the Nazi party still runs for elections in states like bavaria, winning up to 25% of the overall vote. So, get your facts straight. Germans also have no fashion sence as one look on the street will reveal. They try to dress black or like soccar players and say bad things about america any chance they get yet turn around and listen to all american bands. Even the German radio plays mainly American songs. Dont beleive me? Look it up!
German- "achtung, ein Amerikanish soldat. Geht nach Amerika Amerikanish Swine!"
American soldier serving in Germany on peacekeeping mission- What you think im an intruder in your country? This should be the 51st sate!

For you see there are American military bases in Germany, ans even though the germans "hate americans" they try all they can to get on base and shop at the BX and Px. Hypocrits.
by sir-loin October 05, 2005

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