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a person named brett who happens to be funny and silly, hence the word fretty. Fretties are usually ones who make mistakes (particulary in the 5th grade), however they make up for it for their beautiful eyebrows which are alsways well groomed.
Person A: Man did you hear about Fretty in the 5th grade?

Person B: Yeah that is weird, but i can't help to be seduced by his amazing eyebrows
by sir spinkleton February 15, 2005
the defenition of seley is seley seley
the dochi is very seley
by sir spinkleton February 12, 2005
The word is a mix between spanking it and thinking of you so therefore, the word means spanking it thinking of you or spinking.
Cam spinks to foot sex on the internet
by sir spinkleton February 10, 2005

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