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marijuana, bud

from Arabic kayf ‘meaning enjoyment, well-being

i agree
tumaru how much do you love kef, one to ten?........Ten.
by sinsemilla February 08, 2008
The act of beginning defecation on one toilet, running out of toilet paper and transferring bosom from the first toilet to some other toilet in the house 2 finish wiping...
Usually only done whilst home alone, or while everyone is still passed out on the floor from the night before (probably why your so out of it your dumbass didn't even check for toilet paper)
Can be done multiple times resulting in 3-4 toilets being used per shit.
Jeff had indigestion all day during work so when he came home he ran to the closest bathroom and plopped his butt down for a little deuce droppin' action, unfortunately he hadn't realized that this bathroom was out of toilet paper so he proceeded to kick off his underwear and pants and Toilet Hop upstairs to finish the bowel movement.

That Jeff is a regular lil' Toilet Hopper.

When you use 2+ toilets for one poop, thats Toilet Hopping.
by Sinsemilla April 11, 2012
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