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A female who is in to metal music in a big way. The female version of a metalhead.

A metalmaiden rejects the mainstream and doesnt care about whats trendy or popular. This applies to all areas of her life.

She listens to all sorts of metal OR specific branches of metal than can include - traditional metal, black metal, power metal, thrash metal, death metal, doom metal, symphonic metal, viking metal, industrial metal and progressive metal.

She wears what she wants. Included in this is - band t-shirts (both guy and girl shirts), big boots, jeans, comando pants, short skirts, spiked collars/braclets, painted nails, lots of jewellery, lots of make-up and generally has long hair of various colours (natural and unatural) and can have tattoos.

Generally she is opinionated and has a strong personality. This comes from hanging around metalheads all day and having to stand-up for herself to be heard. She generally gets along with guys better than other women although when she meets fellow metal maidens (not groupie-whores! or false-metal chicks!) she can form lasting friendships.

NOT to be confused with a groupie!
Metalhead: "Fuck! That Iron Maiden concert rocked!"

Metalmaiden: "Yep - It was fucken awesome! I really loved that they played lots from Powerslave. That's my fuckin favourite!"

MH: "Yep - that was fuckin sweet!"

MM: "Cumon, let's go get a beer and discuss the whole concert song by song. I wanna get a t-shirt on the way out"

by sinders666 January 31, 2008

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