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1. A person who plays games mainly for fun. They won't invest twenty hours in their mother's basement in order to get good at a game, because they are only looking for fun, not take the game as if it is crack.

2. A person who plays Smash Bros. in order to have fun. They will usually play with items on on different stages, since they don't take the game as if it's a source of life. They will also used the arguement "if it's in the game, it's meant to be played", which is the reason it was developed in the first place. They look down on tourneyfags, as they have other things in their lives then to just sit at home all day learning every glitch in the game to feel some sort of accomplishment in their sad lives, like tourneyfags.
1."Meh, wanna grab Melee for a quick round? We'll go to the movies afterwards. I'm not all taht hardcore, just a casual elite, that's what they called me."

2.Hey, feel like playing Melee real quick?

"NO! We must play all items off, Final Destination, Fox only! If you don't, you're a scrub! I hate these n00by casual elites!"

"Um, chill out, it's a video game. I just wanna have fun. I actually have a life."
#casual gamer #rookie #noob #casual #casual player
by sims796 February 13, 2008
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