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An interracial familial scuffle between two villages in Guadalajara, Mexico that may or may not been caused by land disputes and pink slips, some believe. While others believe it concerned water rights, baby daddy drama/custody battles, land sharks, future development of casinos in the state of Massachusetts, as well as Jimmy Hoffa, that may or may not have been resolved and GREATLY compromised upon.

Nobody REALLY knows for sure.

What we DO know, however, is that in 1877 thirty-seven donkeys, some tin dinnerware, and a loom passed between the families as payment for...something.

Some paleontologists conjecture that The Great Mexican Do-Ahblay Compromise of 1877 led to the Spanish American War in 1898, although this is highly disputed among notable intellectuals as they have no evidence of any kind to support their outlandish theories.

There is a tasteful, understated monument dedicated to those who lost their lives in this brave struggle for compromise-ination located in Beaufort, Illinois
Phillip: "Hey Hank how did you do on the Dr. Cobblepot's history exam"
Hank: "Well Phillip I'll tell ya, I got all of them right except for the one about The Great Mexican Do-Ahblay Compromise of 1877"

"I, You, He / She / It, We, You, They / Great Mexican Do-Ahblay Compromise of 1877"
by simplygleful March 29, 2009
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