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a horror movie that was released on December 25, 2006 about a serial killer stalking sorority girls. Billy, the serial killer, is locked up in an asylum and escapes to his old house which is now the house for the sorority. While the movie is set in 2006, it is also a story in a story in that it shows how he became who he became. He murdered his family except for his sister/daughter Agnes. Billy's mother raped him when he was a teen and she had his baby, which would also count as his sister. Billy and Agnes kill the sorority girls in gruesome ways. The movie stars Katie Cassidy as the lead, and also stars Michelle Trachtenberg, Lacey Chabert, and Kristen Cloke.
"Can you believe Michelle Trachtenberg is in a horror movie? It's called "Black Christmas"."
by simpleguy September 07, 2009
a horror movie that was released on February 10, 2006 that is centered around a premonition about death on a roller coaster. The movie stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead(Sky High, The Ring Two, Black Christmas) as Wendy- the female lead, and Ryan Merriman(Halloween: Resurrection, The Ring Two, The Luck of the Irish) as Kevin- the male lead. The movie was shot in Canada in 2005. Some interesting trivia concerning the stars is: Mary Winstead and Ryan Merriman both starred in "The Ring 2" in 2005. Also, the same year as Final Destination 3 was released, Mary Winstead starred in Black Christmas along with Crystal Lowe, another actress in Final Destination 3.
"We should go rent a horror movie at Blockbuster like Halloween or Final Destination 3"
by simpleguy September 06, 2009
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