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Wallys: (noun) Short for "Wallabees", perhaps the most popular shoe ever made by Clarks of England. The shoe is a variant of the also popular Desert Chukka type shoes (still made by Clarks today and recently enjoying a boost in Carribean sales - primarily Jamaican - thanks to a song/video by Vybz Cartel which focuses on the Wallabee and Desert Trek shoes. In the early 90's the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan helped popularize the Wallabee (even featuring them custom-dyed in various colorways on the cover over Ghostface Killah's solo album "Ironman" - a personality who has always been infatuated with the shoe, perhaps most of any known rapper- though the shoes have long been an urban staple for men's wardrobes starting in the 50's and then riding the ebb and flow of style but never completely out of style. Around 2000, brands that made made mainly skateboarding shoes began to make shoes that were all but exact copies of the classic shoe. Knock-offs had always been popular, but after the late 90's one could find shoes "inspired" by the Clarks Wallabee (usually with a more conventional sole swapped out for the trademark gum sole) in Wal-Mart , etc.
The police stopped me and had me stripped down to my Wallys
by simonsickboy February 13, 2011
Slang for Park Hills, New York. A notoriously rough area whose housing projects have long been known as some of the most deadly in New York. The zip code 10304 and indeed the name Park Hills/Killa Hills is known to those living elsewhere mainly because of the overwhelming popularity of the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan who made many references to the area over the years - including a song entitled "Killah Hills 10304" which appeared on GZA/Genius' first solo album, "Liquid Swords"
"You know where I'm from- Killa Hills, baby, 10304- so I don't even have to tell you how I handle shit like this- I'm gonna see you."

(Inspired by Method Man's response to Wendy Williams having made personal information concerning Method Man's wife public)
by simonsickboy February 13, 2011
Nickname given to Russian Mafia members by law enforcement in the United States.
Those Redfellas made a mint off of all that Cold-War stockpiled weaponry - all the way up to submarines to move yayo with.
by simonsickboy February 11, 2011

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