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where the upper lip of human has hair emerging from it.
Evian: Helen, im sorry for making fun of your very hairy lip.
by simon gardner September 12, 2006
is someone who looks like fook mi on austin powers.
i look like fook mi on austin powers, therefore im a fooker looker
by simon gardner September 12, 2006
not really a theif, but more of a psycophanatic! disguised as a robber, this once hot dog salesmen takes pleasure in stealing your hotdogs once you have bought it. A hot dog bandit is alergic to mustard, except for french.
Man: Oh No! its the hot dog bandit! he is going to steal my hot dog. What Shall i do? Jimmy, eat my hot dog, but dont digest it yet.
Jimmy: Woof
by simon gardner September 13, 2006
associated with the hairy lip, sideburns are the growth of hair down the side of a mans(or womans) face. Can be styled in various ways using TREsemme products.
Hippie: Dude, look at my hot sideburns
by simon gardner September 12, 2006
1. To have sex with someone.
2. Something placed into a wall.
3. Placing the person you had sex with in a wall.
I screwed bobby into a wall!
by simon gardner September 12, 2006
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