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The direct corrolation between amount of gingerbread lattes consumed and amount of shoes purchased.
Bells law dictated that Fiona after the third latte buying more shoes was out of the question
by simon June 19, 2003
Gay Cad combined with the name simon. Sorta like pokemon.
'Gadmon! hows it goin'
by Simon February 13, 2005
Gay Sex Slang Term.

The process of making bucked teeth and digging the frontmost pair into male anus.
I fancied a felch from Adam, but instead he gave me a buxx job.
by Simon December 28, 2003
Adjective- To do something to the most extreme limit
The water makes a thumdorious noise.
by Simon October 08, 2003
A young man using taekwondo instead of arguing.
Per-Uven kicks the old man
by Simon March 24, 2003
A name you call people when you feel like it
You huffa...Go kill your self >.<
by Simon February 22, 2005
a cuntankle is to be lower than a cunt.
stop being such a cuntankle.
by simon August 19, 2004

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