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The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, home of The CRU, is by far the best football school, east of the mississippi and south of the mason dixon line. Also the sickest D-III school in the nation. you dont mess with The CRU! UMHB is the oldest school in texas founded in 1845 and is the older sister of Baylor University, but unlike Baylor, The CRU actually wins their games.
HSU fan: hey who are we playing this week?
HSU player: Mary-Hardin Baylor
HSU fan: were playing the CRU!?!?!!?!? WERE SCREWED!!!!
HSU player: ya i know, i dont even know why im going to show up for the game, i might not
by simmonite-hunter September 26, 2009
anyone who attends or has attended Hardin-Simmons University located in the most God forsaken place on planet earth- Abilene, Texas
a simmonite, or hardened sinner, is an evil little S.O.B. who is always bitter because they are jealous that the CRU took their place as the best in small college football in texas.

simmonites can never be trusted

C.V. Wood- infamous for buying the london bridge and bringing it to lake havusu thinking it was tower bridge, only to find out it is much smaller and less impressive, a large waste of money, only a simmonite

Harvey Catchings- NBA player most noted for his winning of the game for the other team when he shot the ball into the wrong hoop, only a simmonite
Thomas- dude we got to drive through abilene
David- you better be careful abilene is full of those evil little simmonites
by simmonite-hunter September 26, 2009
a school for idiots in the forsaken state of wisconsin where their fans are classless and racist.

a school where they have a homosexual purple bird as a mascot
jim: hey man where do you go to school?
fag: oh i go to school at wisconsin whitewater university!
jim: dude, you must be a douche bag
by simmonite-hunter September 26, 2009

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