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getting cock blocked by an old person.
I was hitting on this fine looking nurse at the old folks home when my grandma told her about me being unemployed.

me: "nice Grandfather cock block g-ma!"

G-ma: "shut up and drink your ovaltine"
by silvershamus February 02, 2011
anything horrible to look at; but mostly bad TV.

E.G. reality TV or Jersey shore.
Me: "ahhh gawd"

You: "what's wrong"

Me: "i was watching faux news and now i have Eyearrhea!"

You: "uhgg go wipe your eyes off"
by silvershamus August 11, 2010
when you rub your penis on an object and wait for your friend to touch said object
You: "HAHA!"

Your friend: "what?"

You: " i Kevin Gayconed your spoon!!!"

Your friend: "AHHHHH, sick that was in my mouth!!"
by silvershamus August 03, 2010
when someone on the highway can pass you on the left but decides to pass you on the right instead.
dude, did you see that guy change lanes to pass me on the right?

Yeah, what a passhole
by silvershamus February 20, 2010

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