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2 definitions by silverdevils17

1. A physical property of something which only exists on earth, the magnetation of something can an apparently be taken and used to stop the rotation of the earth, allowing an individual to then "get off" of the earth.

2. Also, if gathered in large quantities, magnetation can make even the simplest of tasks very difficult or impossible to perform.
me: how would you stop the earth?
friend: well you take the magnetation and then you do stuff with it and you stop the earth and get off

kid: this is way too hard
teacher: maybe theres too much magnetation
by silverdevils17 April 27, 2011
a group of douchebags (mostly football players and cheerleaders) who stand in the middle of the hallway with absolutely nothing better to do during passing periods at school.
i walk out of my calculus class 30 seconds after the bell rings and theres a douchebarge sitting in the hallway

teacher: why are you late
me: sorry, there was a douchebarge in front of the door, so i had to take the long way around
by silverdevils17 May 24, 2011