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when you laugh at something lame, and you suddenly have a urge to eat cake.
<person a> : guess what?
<person b> : what?
<person a> : chicken butt.
<person b> : .......lollercake.
by silver_ September 21, 2006
1. a nubcake who doesn't do homework, and prefers playing DotA. usually stays up late at night trying to finish homework that was put off.

2. a student whose teachers love to pick on because he falls asleep in class due to sleep-deprived nights.
<person a>: hey dude, did you finish your math homework?
<person b>: nah man, I was caught up in DotA. it's so interestingg, I love it!
<person a>: man, you're such a cidonem.
<person b>: f u
<person a>: <3
by silver_ March 18, 2008
a noob who thinks he / she is cool.

in reality, he / she is a nerd.
<person a> : i am soo uber cool. cool like ice!
<person b> : you're such a metroid.
by silver_ October 02, 2006

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