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1 definition by sillyfacemonkey

-a statement of the writer towards the one the message is intended to go to
-a shortened or abbreviated one-word form of "much love", "love ya", or "I love you" used at the end of a message or conversation.
- term of kindred affection (generally not romantic affection)
- can be used to indicate extreme care for someone without the sometimes oppressive, or misunderstood stigma of saying "I love you".

-NOT generally used as a synonym for "Love ___ (insert name)" at the end of a formal letter
-USUALLY the writer's name is left off after this word is used because the recipient of the message already knows who the message is from. (i.e. use on facebook)
From: Jenny Smith
Hey Paul,

I had a freaking amazing time at your party Friday!
Oh the things that happen when our group gets together... we must do it again soon.
thanks again!



Dear Frank,


Lurves, Sally
by sillyfacemonkey January 16, 2012