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1. Japanese/Romaji word for Germany.

2. Common nickname for Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt from the anime, Hetalia: Axis Powers

3. Doitsu isn't just the Japenese word for Germany - oh, no. It is so much more . Doitsu is the reason we live, the reason we breathe. Without Doitsu, we'd be dead; nothing. Doitsu has the power to do anything. Once you become a Doitsu, you have achieved everything in life. Get stopped by the police? Tell them you're a Doitsu, and they'll back the fuck off. Your house getting burgled? Just let those assholes take one good look at your Doitsu face and they'll drop dead. Doitsu is everything. Everything that you have ever know. Only the best of the best can become a Doitsu."
Shine Bright like a Doitsu
#doitsu #japenese #germany #ludwig beilschmidt #hetalia:axis powers #doitsuism
by silly32 March 01, 2013
1. A song from the movie ''Chitty Chitty Bang Bang''
2. My childhood
3. A beautiful song sung by Dick Van Dyke
A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain
Softly blows o'er Lullabye Bay..
#chitty #bang #chitty chitty bang bang #childhood #dick van dyke
by silly32 March 28, 2013
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