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This occurs when purchasing an item and your change is 4 cents, 9 cents, 14 cents, etc, and the teller rounds up your change to the next highest denomination becuase they're cool shit and pennies are ridiculous.
a buys a coffee. b (teller) does the change round-up.

a: Thanks dude.

b: No prob. I hate this job anyways.

a: Yeah, screw the man.
by sike moda November 17, 2009
When you send someone a correspondence via a medium (text, email, instant message) and they send their reply through a different medium, for no apparent reason.
a: "I sent you a text, why did you email me back?"

b: "Sorry dude, it was a wrongply. Not sure i did that."

c: "You know you go to hell for things like that, right?"
by sike moda November 12, 2009

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