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1 definition by siiiiiiiiick

Colorful crust hipster/calculated scumbag/ art dropout/warehouse dweller that can be seen in the wild based upon his pointy boots and perfectly asymmetrical patches. However, can also be the totally anti fashionable guy next door. The noiser look is a mix of Mad Max and Peter Pan and is very much an overgrown child with mysterious machines. Usually inhabits small cities like Providence, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Oakland, etc. Noisers have lately discovered a new concept called Rhythm. In addition to noise, it is ok for noisers to play techno, punk, or more exotic genres like "minimal synth." They occupy a very small portion of the bourgeoisie who work construction jobs but know about things like modular synthesis.
dude lets grip a sick noiser jammer
by siiiiiiiiick November 18, 2011