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Also known as a, "wheelie." An acrobatic driving or riding stunt, of lifting the up the front tire(s) or wheels, while temporarily putting or shifting the weight of the vehicle onto the back ones. This pertains to skateboarding, bicycling, motor vehicles capable of sudden acceleration. motorcycles, etc. For vehicles larger than a motorcycle, it means the weight is intentionally shifted beforehand to the back half of the vehicle as to make it easy for the front to rise into the air during acceleration, especially on a tarmac's slope.
I jumped the clutch and the gear as I red-line revved up the engine, then I burned out the fat slicks in the back with a lot of noise and smoke, of which made my Nox-injected rice rocket immediately pop a wheelie, as my Pennzoil-logo car screamed down the straightaway while the front grill was pointing up in the air at a 20 degree angle for a a couple of seconds after I floored the gas with blue flames shooting out of the bellowing exhaust pipes. Given the loud cheering of the racetrack audience, I guess they loved the spectacle of my pulling that simple stunt.
by sierrawren May 16, 2010
Realization that your life is full of distortions and illusions that you or someone else dictated that you should abide by, and that these illusions in the culture you lived and worked in, served no real purpose to make your life any better than anyone else. Rather, it make it worse for you wasting your time investing in and believing in all of it.
The corrosive politics in my job became so nilhistic I decided to stop seeking personal satisfaction in the corporate culture that stopped make any sense to me, and so I quit that job and got out of that rat race. Now, I'm just like any other Joe or Mary, standing in the unemployment line. What's the point of it all? Why am I doing this? Maybe I'll just leave that line and go waste my life toying within or trashing some other illusion.
by sierrawren May 16, 2010
Ancient Sanskrit word from the Hindu scriptures called the Gita, a holy word that was adopted by the Hebrews and used in later centuries, in Latin, and by then given a secular, nonspiritual definition. The word means, "And so forth " or, "Etcetera." When uttered repeatedly, as in, Yada, yada, yada," in Sanskrit, it means, "wherever, whenever, whereas."
She and her chatty friends kept droning on, talking about this thing that happened to her, then her other friend talking about that thing going on with her boyfriend and her friends right now, "...mygawd can you believe it?", And they went on nonstop, yada, yada, yada, until had to make up a bullshit but polite excuse to get away from these nice motormouths of which I no longer I had the time to be around.
by sierrawren May 16, 2010

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