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A grown-up city version of your post college frat boy, who most probably works in finance. During the day he wears his unflattering non-tailored suit and by night, can be found in his "casual everyday attire" of a striped polo button-down with rolled up sleeves or short sleeved polo paired with leather thong flip flops or boat shoes. Can be found at an Irish Pub playing beer pong and dancing to hip-hop and Journey with his brain-less post sorority counter parts.

Being overly sensitive to the word "gay" when in reality it is only a defense mechanism.

Personality usually ranges from cocky douche bag to uncultured souls. Typical conversations are very limited in topic. Discussing about sports, what the hell happened last night while at MacDougal's Irish Pub, and what hot girl they brought home last night and trade occasional work experience. Same routine.

In New York, suits have ventured out of their typical neighborhood boundaries of Hells Kitchen and Murray Hill to find the "cool and hip" spots such as the Lower East Side and Williamsburg, and have burned their credibility. This has caused hipsters to quickly flee and create a new place for themselves.
"God. Did you see just see that group of suits with their pastel polos, madras shorts and boat shoes?"
by sickofitjustwhy June 12, 2010

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