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n. a strange, curious man-child. his appearance resembles that of the offspring that may occur from a Mexican & a prosimian making the sex with one another. he maintains an odd intellect that includes a well rounded knowledge of computers, firearms, cameras, movie films and techno music, among other hobbies & topics. he is extremely friendly but can also be a bit touchy-feely so a learned distance in social situations comes in useful. however, the Tirko is unrivaled in his loyalty to others and can be a true companion for life.

his behavior is typically marked by inappropriate comments, often sexual or violent in content, and can be seen climbing edifices and/or rocks in nature while stoned.
ie: Shu: whoa, did you see that Mexican Monkey climbing that Barnes & Noble yelling out obscenities and taking pictures while blasting techno music?!

Head: yea, what on God's green earth was that?

Shu: shhhh, i think it was the Tirko. if we're quiet, he wont molest us.
by shuski December 16, 2009
n. the opening in a woman's shirt, top, or blouse that prominently displays her cleavage.
ie: me and Willis were trying to focus on our bowling game but the chick in the next lane had a lovely top on with a "titty window" so we could see her titty balls and stuff.
by shuski December 16, 2009
n. The taper in a turd that occurs when one loses fecal focus during the act of defecation and the anus contracts slightly. usually caused by a distraction such as a knock on the door, a cough, etc. may also be caused by a defecation with such girth/mass that the defecater may need to take a rest.
ie: Half asleep, Roger opened the unlocked bathroom door causing Margaret to make a rest wrinkle.
by shuski December 16, 2009
n. yet another word for asshole, etc.
Sister Mary was so upset with little Jeffreys behavior that she kicked him in the buttsplit.
by shuski December 16, 2009

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