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the sound that extremely sexy girls make in bed while being fucked in the ass with great gusto. another example of when this sound would be made in bed is when you are fucking a girl with an extremely tight pussy, causing her to scream out in pain and pleasure. A combination of shit and an orgasm. For instance: you're fucking a girl so hard that she starts to scream "SHIT!!!!" but is cut off by the sound of her own orgasm. So it sounds something like "SH- urshhuuhshhhh!"

Gentlemen, you have never fucked someone to the furthest possible extent until you get a shursh out of them. This applies to anal sex as well as conventional sex.

Ladies, you CAN get a shursh out of a man. It is more dificult, but possible if you have major skills in bed. I myself have had a woman cause me to shursh. You can cause a man to shursh while giving him a blowjob by jerking his cock around in you mouth, as well as in your hands. However, it is more difficult with a handjob, and the blowjob technique is much more enjoyable for both parties. If done correctly, the man will scream out in pain, only to have his scream cut short by the orgasm who is sure to follow.The only known way to make a real man shursh while in the traditional position is if you are both extremely good in bed and if you have incredible control of your vaginal muscles. Simply sqeeze his cock while it is inside you. Do this by flexing the walls of you vagina, massaging it.
As Steve drove his cock deeper into Sarah's "church", she screamed with pain and pleasure, and would shursh each time he grinded harder or came at her from another angle.
by shurshexpert1 June 11, 2011

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