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dancing which simulates sex
Freaking isn't allowed at some dances anymore because it offends the chaperones.
by shs April 12, 2003
Some kid from RealmGX (www.realmgx.com) that thinks he is awesome at hacking, but really he is just a jew and isn't worth the time of laughing at. He tries to say he's 15 but he's just 10, he hasn't even dropped yet. And lives by homosexuals and hates Davo818 (Some Christian guy that thinks 2PAC is still alive) Anyway - he sucks and talks like a 5 year old. And talks shit to Falc0, but we all know Falc0 > Magichound.
Falc0 : Dude, you're so fucking immature.

Magichound : BUT 1 CAN HACK MYSELF 0UT 0F A P4P3R B4G L0LZ!!1!!!

Davo818 : Uhm, 2PAC is still alive!

Falc0 : Davo, what the fuck does 2PAC have to do with this?

Davo818 : Uh..uh...BAN SHS! qq!!
by SHS January 05, 2005
The opposite of curiosity
George W Bush's incuriosity led to ignoring warnings about Al Qaeda attacks
by shs April 18, 2004

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