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The phrase originates from the term stuntin' meaning to show off. Like bragging or boasting about something you do well.
Man check out the homie doing donuts in his ride. He was straight stuntin' on em.
by shoutpost February 04, 2011
NDE- Is an acronym for 'Not Doing Enough'. It's the opposite of DTM(doing too much).
Boy, you DTM with that florescent scarf! They exclaimed. He answers, "Chit, NDE."
by shoutpost January 17, 2012
For sure my homie. Okey Dokey. On the realla my nigga.
Q-Are we going to the club tonight big dawg?

A-"Fah Shizzle My Nizzle".
by shoutpost May 12, 2010
Figure of speech, meaning, 'Don't lose hope.' Or 'Keep hope alive.' -Not losing hope
How are things with you these days?
'Keeping the candle lit, thanks.'

Fishermens' wives would keep a candle burning in the window, to guide their husbands back from deep-sea fishing trips.
by shoutpost August 14, 2011

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