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5 definitions by shortness

Rough and rowdy is another name for the drink royal reserve. Said because royal reserve is known to make its drinkers rough and rowdy.
"hey want to get rough and rowdy tonight?"
by shortness February 20, 2007
Crack cocaine cooked from the resin built up in a crack pipe. It is dark in color, usually black and said to be more potent then crack its self.
"Hey i got a lot of resin want to cook up some black rock?"
by shortness February 13, 2007
A mixture of crack cocaine, black rock, and resin.
"You just cooked some black rock I've got some resin, so lets make some flail mix and get really stoned."
by shortness February 13, 2007
A very small chunk of any hard drug or food. This works for hash, crack, fudge, or toffie. This term originates from a single dopefiend that tried to sell his universal remote for a ridiculously small chunk of crack. So it works on two levels, one is the amount of drugs you can get for a remote. Two the chunk is remotely there at all.

"You'll never get twenty bucks for that, its a remote chunk..."
"Hey man stop hogging all the fudge, i only got a remote chunk over here."
by shortness March 22, 2007
Legions are the fans of a group called Deadsy. Deadsy is an American synth rock band from California. They are wildly known for being the founders of the sub-genre Undercore, as they would not fit under any other genre label. They have played many shows mainly based in California, but have grown to tour multiple times on the now renowned Family Values Tour.
"The legions came in full force to the last Deadsy concert"
by shortness February 14, 2007