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A child born because the condom (or rubber) either broke or somehow malfunctioned; a mistake or "whoops" baby
My parents hate me because I'm a rubber baby, and they only wanted my two older siblings.
by shortie December 19, 2004
a girl who is very beautiful, nice and smart when wants to. can act silly at times, very random ; sais things that just pop into head. great friend that will always be there for you . the type of person who cannot hold a grudge.
she is very yenifer gandara.
by ShOrTiE August 13, 2012
the equivalent of callin someone an ass or a retard
"yeah, i couldnt go, my parents were being dankwagons"

"damn, is that guy a dankwagon or what?"
by Shortie January 04, 2004
aka mexico, the girls are whores, all the guys spend all their their money on shitty hookers from unionville. they all think that they are so cool and fly, when in reality they have to cheat the IRS to get by. Half the school is illeagal immagrants from mexico. they work in barns cleaning stalls all day for what they think is minimuim wage ($2 an hour). there are guys at kennett who screw their couisin's without protecton.
ha! look at the kennett high dorks! yea their the town bikes!!
by shortie December 22, 2004

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