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6 definitions by shoop

A word used by people over the age of 30 in an attempt to sound cool, usually resulting in the opposite.
Jim: (to friend) Hey check it out I got a new snowboard.

Jim's mom: (overhearing conversation) Yeah its totally radical.

Jim: OK you can go away now.
by shoop February 17, 2006
The reason I have cable.
South Park Quote:

Jesus: "Quick, I need to know how to kill a giant stone Abraham Lincoln?"

Moses: "Um.............with a giant stone John Wilkes Boothe?"
by shoop February 17, 2006
Smarts is a slang term for the knowledge and intellegence every person needs to get along in life. It is are divided into two equally important catagories: Street Smarts and Book Smarts.

Street Smarts are based mostly on common sense and include things such as the ability to interact well in social situations, argue a point in order to get your way, or even lie your ass off if necessary and not get caught while still being able to recognize when someone else is lying.

Book Smarts are more about the knowledge and experience that are developed in school as a kid as well as throughout life. Much of the knowledge that is attributed to book smarts comes from reading (hence the name), but a large amount of it also comes from simple observation of everyday situations.
Jimmy used his street smarts to talk a cop out of giving him a speeding ticket.

Herold used his book smarts to impress the neighbors by quoting Shakespeare.
by shoop August 12, 2006
When you're coming up on a yellow light so you hit the gas and fly past before it turns red.
Dude 1 speeds up.
Dude 2: "Hey what're you doing??"
Dude 1: "I gotta make the light."
by shoop March 29, 2006
What you say when someone talks for so long that you stop paying attention. Often occurs during boring class lectures. The term comes from the action of using a computer to play music straight off the internet or other source without downloading it to the hard drive.
Dude 1: "Man, that Biology class was so boring"

Dude 2: "I know. The professor was just streaming audio."
by shoop May 07, 2006
what did you just say?
I thought you just called my mother a cunt? Who said what in the hey now?
by shoop March 30, 2006