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The Ultimate Suburb. Houses are Massive. People are Rich, Sexy, and Powerful. The "it" car is the Bentley Continental. Everyone who lives there knows who belongs and who doesn't. To the south is Burr Ridge, to the north is Oak Brook, to the west is Clarendon Hills, and to the east is Western Springs. Hinsdale is all about classiness. No fast food is welcome in that town, because it brings scum and unwanted pounds that are not welcome on any Hinsdalean. That said, everyone knows Lifetime is the place to be, its full of hinsdale hotness. People knock Hinsdale because of "everyone having an attitude". In reality, all those people wish they could have that attitude. The kids party hard and are cocky. They have the right to be. The parents get them whatever they want. A 16th birthday means a trip along Ogden Ave. to one of the Lux car places....ya SoOoo not used. Cops love busting Hinsdale kids. They're just pissed that they have to babysit the rich folks kids on the weekends, knowing that regardless of what they bust up, these elite kids are getting out of it. So to those of Hinsdale. Happy Power to You.
(Dinner in Oak Brook)
Oh, look at those kids at that table. The guys are damn fine and classy. The girls are super-skinny, uber-hot, have Chanel handbags, and are wearing UGG boots with Juicy pants. Everyone has a different North Face jacket. And what's that outside, their fleet of Range Rovers? Oh wow. Those kids are SoOooOOO Hinsdale.
by shoelover2833 November 19, 2009

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