15 definitions by shoeless joe

enjoying the feeling of being controlled by your female companion. lives to please her
me ... sigh
by shoeless joe March 24, 2003
a place where people go
son fuck you
by shoeless joe July 15, 2003
Marajuana rolled with cigar paper.
If you say "man that blunt was effective" i know youve never smoked weed you fucking nerd outcast so shut you poser face
by shoeless joe March 25, 2003
"Dude pass arouynd the reefer you bogart. joo noob. Lets eat food"

anyone that says joo noob has never fuckin toked
by shoeless joe August 05, 2003
1. n An erect penis.
2. v To blow it on a girls face instantly.
Man we had no fun when she touched my woody, I immediatly pulled a woody.
by shoeless joe March 25, 2003
you have

haast or hasst is hate.
in a rammstein song, many dumbasses think it's you hate which means they obviously dont know shit
du hast!
by shoeless joe September 02, 2003
1 someone from a gang
2 theyll fuck you up fast
3 slang for weed
1 what up gangsta
2 "gangstas suck. leet." blam blam "fuck"
3 no nerd no this site would know that shit tho
by shoeless joe June 09, 2003

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