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When you're really good at call of duty, and people get mad. They feel the need to call you something that makes about as much sense as shitting on your dinner. They use the term "hard scoper" because as soon as they watch the killcam, they get ridiculously horny, or hard. This will occasionally be the cause for a premature ejaculation in one's pants.
Kid: WOW! you're such a hard scoper!

"Hard scoper": wait what?, i was using the ballistic knife?

Kid: *moan* aw shiiiiiiiitttttttt.
by Shockey19 June 20, 2011
A homeless, xbox playing faggot, who has absolutely no friends, nor life. He pleasures himself whilst playing the game, and will ejaculate as soon as he calls in UAV. He uses very many UAV's, which contributes to his very short ejaculation time. He uses his sniper rifle as a device to pleasure himself in the anus. 413k represents the 413,000 people who have questioned his sexual orientation.

Everyone: This dudes gay.
by Shockey19 November 24, 2011
when a bunch of kids get together, move tables together, put tv's and xboxs on them, and play all night.

Must involve at least one gay person, preferably one who has the nickname of flash.
Man: Yo flash, wanna come to our nerd party?
Flash: SURE!
Man: just kidding, we dont want a gay nerd party.
by Shockey19 May 19, 2010
when you sneak up behind someone and shove your fingers between their legs and lift them up.
Man #2: ouch, what the hell?!
Man #1: You've just been turkeyed.
by Shockey19 May 19, 2010
a name for someone whose beard is equal to the length of the nile river. can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, and any other part of speech.

Warning: Do not use in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you will offend the Amish.
Man: Yo Beard, whats bearding dude?
Man: Chill Beard, im just Bearding around with you.
Other Man: im leaving.
Man: Cmon, dont be a beard.
Other Man: (gone)
Man: well i hope you go to shave!
by Shockey19 May 19, 2010
a teacher, probably speaks german, oddly short, also may be known as g money, very short.
I had german today with the new teacher g dub.
by Shockey19 April 27, 2011

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